1993: The Airtight Garage

The Airtight Garage (1993) #1-4
by Moebius

So… this is a reprinting of the graphic novel Epic had published a few years earlier? Which makes me wonder… why?

In the previous Garage-related mini-series, we’d been promised a further series, so perhaps this was published in lieu of that? I have no idea.

Anyway, it’s basically just the graphic novel.

Is this the same colouring, too? I should get up from the sofa and do a comparison, but…

The form factor leaves heavy white bands at the top and bottom, which isn’t very attractive. The colours really pop here, though.

There are some new pin-ups from Moebius, though.

And a new Garage page or two. It’s fun to see Moebius working in his old style; by 1992 he’d streamlined a lot. But here he’s still doing the detailed, slightly grungy thing.

Well, that was perhaps not the most interesting thing Epic had ever published. I hope Moebius made some money off of it.

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