1992: Memories

Memories (1992) #1
by Katsuhiro Otomo

What. Another Otomo one-shot? Like the previous one, it’s 32 pages long, and there’s no explanation for why it’s being published like this.

I think making a monthly Otomo series of shorter pieces would make total sense, but… two stand-alone comics… it’s hard to see how that makes commercial sense.

But it’s Otomo, so it’s fun and it’s poetic. This time we’re in a space ship, and Otomo has a lot of fun with depicting what weightlessness looks like, with everybody being all topsy-turvy in the panels. I like it.

Steve Oliff does the colouring, thoughtful as usual.

The plot twists will take nobody who’s into sci-fi by surprise, but it’s sensitively done, and it looks gorgeous.

So… it’s a good, solid comic, but it’s an oddity.

It was also the Epic comic that took me the longest to find, which I guess means that very few people bought it in the first place.

This story (and Farewell to Weapons) have been published in a single collection.

I was unable to find any reviews of this comic.

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